Mini Tennis (Ages 3 - 10)

Tots (3 – 4)

Tots tennis is a fun and enjoyable start for young children beginning to learn the game of tennis. Sessions focus on developing your child’s agility, balance and co-ordination as well as introducing the techniques for the shots required to play tennis.


Reception (4 – 5)

Beginner infant age tennis class. Here children learn to serve, rally and score on a small court with a slow sponge ball. Children work backwards from the contact point to develop their swing shapes.


Mini Red Tennis (5 – 8)

Children build on techniques with more emphasis on grip changes and more secure shapes. For team players children’s techniques should now have a sound foundation. Greater emphasis is therefore placed upon the tactical intentions of what the player needs to do with their shots in a competitive situation.


Mini Orange Tennis (8 – 9)

Children are now playing on the full sized tennis court with a modified length and width, developing a total tennis game with basic techniques and tactics whilst further developing their co-ordination skills. For team players grip changes between forehand and backhand are reinforced and the tactical intentions of being able to trade, build, finish and neutralize are developed.


Mini Green Tennis (9 – 10)

This is the last transitional stage before full tennis. Playing on a full sized court and learning to apply their skills to the faster ball. Team players will focus on the precision of shots, learning to move the opponent around the court with control.