Focus Performance Programme


Oxshott Tennis Club focus performance programme is one of the top performing training bases in the county producing and strengthening exceptional junior players over recent years. Our junior teams consistently perform throughout their team events with the majority of our teams regularly winning their summer AEGON divisions. Juniors aspire to attain their highest possible performance on a consistent basis and are mentored through all of the vital tactics and techniques required to be successful while ensuring that they maintain their love of the sport.


At Oxshott Tennis Club we know that time is valuable. As a result the standard and content of this time is essential, but this is different for every player. Therefore we maximise the time players have training by creating a conjusive atmosphere from which juniors can fulfil their potential. We place equal importance on all of our junior performance players, and nurture them as a group and individually to ensure they develop to their potential and adhere to the highest levels of sportsmanship. Players are invited from within the club to join performance programme by the coaches from the ages of 6 to 16. Non-members are more than welcome to come along for a trial with one of the coaches should they wish to join the performance programme at Oxshott.


Oxshott Tennis Club performance programme is unique because it fosters players within the club environment to ensure that they create lifelong friendships while at the same time developing their tennis skills. Oxshott Tennis Club also maintains a strict 6:1 player to coach ratio to ensure that players are getting the attention that they require in order to develop into well rounded athletes. As players get older they are encouraged to participate more actively in the club by participating in club sessions and playing for the senior teams. Oxshott Tennis Club also assign’s a specific coach to each age group so that the players can have a continuity of sessions throughout the year.


  • All players are encouraged to sign up for at least 2 performance sessions a week.
  • Players take on all tactical and technical information and apply it to their game.
  • Players accept that tennis can be UNFAIR and do not get angry when things do not go their way.
  • Players maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship throughout training and matches.
  • Players will endeavour to give 100% in every training session even if they are not playing well.
  • Players are encouraged to have at least one individual a week in order to work on specific aspects of their technique.
  • Players are expected to compete in tournaments outside of Oxshott all year round.
  • Players are asked to adopt the ‘please one more ball’ mentality during training.
  • Players are expected to reflect on their own performances in tournaments and training in order to progress their game.
  • Players must respect the Coach and take instruction to the best of their ability.