Online Court Booking

  • Pay and Play: All courts are available for non-members during certain times. An available time slots will show a cost of £5 during daytime or £6 in the evening.
    *** Floodlights will no longer automatically come on ***
    To switch on floodlights press the button (they will stay on for 1 hour). To switch them off, press the button again, the button will flash and lights will go off after 1min.
    Courts 4-5: The buttons are on the back of the green cabinet between courts 4 and 1, through the fence
    Court 1-3: The buttons are on the clubhouse wall
  • Child Supervision: In line with National NSPCC advice - all children under the age of 13 attending the club outside of coaching programmes and other organised club activities should be supervised by a parent or known adult.
  • No Show Rule. If players have not arrived for a booked session 15 minutes after session start, a no-show will be assumed and another player may use the court.
  • Adult Limited members may play up to 16:00 any day, Juniors may play anytime up to 7pm, Student Holiday members may play during college holidays only.
  • Any court is bookable if not used for another session.
  • If you want to play during a session, and there is a court free but no session players waiting - please feel free to use that court. Please give it back if more session players arrive.
  • You may book up to 14 days in advance and for 2 hours at a time. We will keep this under review.
  • Members with the restricted package "71. Parent Member" may book and play (with their junior only) at the following times: Thursday 16:00-19:30, Friday 16:00-18:00, Saturday 09:00-14:00 - when not pre-booked for training, Sunday 12:00-16:00