Portishead holds its Monster Smash

Portishead Lawn Tennis Club held their Monster Smash event on Saturday 27th October and despite fierce competition from other local events taking place a respectable 20 + members turned out.

It was a cold, wet, windy night
And the Portishead Tennis ghouls were out in force
Witches, werewolves, skeletons & Dracula himself
Scary, colourful, frightful, what a sight!

Fast, fun tie-breaks, we'd decided to play
Beat the coach who started on a minus
Well in their werewolf costume with full mask
It was never going to be his day!

Some really close scores, some really tight games
Some really SCARY shots, but winners we had & here are their names

Leo Bones Harries
Torran Skeleton Kingscott
Romilly Zombie Bowden
Will Frightful Jacklin

Scariest family were the Willcox - Sister Al, Dracula Fraser, Angus Bones & Witchily Sara.

Many thanks to all those who made the event such a great success 🦇🎾 🎃 👻

Ishbel Kingscott
Junior Secretary
Welfare Officer