Club Legal Status

Following the decision at the AGM on 28 November 2022 to incorporate we hope to complete this process during the 2023/24 financial year.  The main purpose for incorporating is to ensure that contracts will be in the name of the new company set up to run the Club rather than in the personal names of the committee members. To this end we have set up a new guarantee company, Portishead Tennis Club Limited (Company number: 14655763) (‘PTC’). 

We will apply to HMRC for PTC to be registered as a community amateur sports club (‘CASC’) and will transfer the all the activities, assets and liabilities of the existing unincorporated club to PTC.  

Subject to completion of the necessary steps and consents being obtained to incorporate and the club transferring all its activities to PTC by payment of your subscription fees for 2023/24 you consent to become a member of PTC and for your subscription fees to be transferred to PTC on incorporation.

The constitution of PTC (the ‘Articles’) has been drafted based on the CASC rules and the model Articles prepared by the Lawn Tennis Association, if you would like to read the Articles a copy is available on our website.