Autumn / Winter SIngles League 2023

Following the success of the singles league in April, we’re doing it again! We’ve tweaked the format following some feedback, which is below.

If you are interested, then please use this form to sign up by Monday 16 October


  • Split competitors into groups of 5 players
  • Promotion and relegation based on final positions from the April competition.
  • Coaches to allocate new players based on ability
  • Play each competitor in your league once
  • Best of three sets
  • Championship tiebreak (to 10) remains the default for a third set. However, if BOTH players want to play a full third set then you can do that. Players are encouraged to discuss their preference prior to starting the match.
  • You get 1 point for playing a match
  • 2 point for every set you win (i.e. 4 points for a 'win' in best of three sets).
  • An additional bonus point to players who have completed three matches by the end of November.
  • Final standings will be based on points. Ties will be decided based on average games conceded per match and then head to head.
  • Match winners to submit scores ASAP through a google form.