Lockdown Easing

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Re-opening Prenton Tennis Club from lockdown

Now that the Government has allowed tennis to resume as part of loosening the lockdown, the Committee has been reviewing how we can do this safely. We have agreed the following: -

Members can play according to the Government/LTA guidelines*. That means singles play only, other than where all players are from the same household, in which case they can play doubles. When not with people from the same household, social distancing rules must be maintained.

Courts can only be used when they have been booked via the ClubSpark Booking System (which can be done simply by visiting our website or downloading the ClubSpark Booker App from the App Store). You can book up to 7 days in advance and for a maximum of 2 hours. There will be two unused courts to give adequate separation between courts in use.

The clubhouse will be locked and is not to be used for any reason. This means there will be no toilet facilities and there will be no First Aid. Play will be at your own risk

Juniors: If 2 juniors from different households wish to play each other, we would recommend that if they play without supervision, they must be 13 years old and have a fully charged mobile phone with them for emergencies. Like all club members they will need to book their court in advance. It is also at the discretion of Parents should they allow their child to play unaccompanied by an adult if over the age of 13. The club will not act in Loco Parentis.

Membership: Cards will be issued soon. Due to changes in policy, all members MUST carry their membership card on them as a form of identification. DO NOT pass your card to a non-member. If you do your membership may be rescinded.

The top gates should kept be closed and locked at all times.  Please make sure the gate is locked if you are the last person to leave.

We will review these guidelines as we go forward, and as Government advice changes. It is great news that we can restart our tennis. Please keep to these guidelines and enjoy your tennis!

* Details can be found here

PLTC Committee

Prenton Lawn Tennis Club