Adult Coaching


Due to COVID 19 all courses have been cancelled this term. Hopefully we will be back soon, we will be guided by the LTA and Haringey Council. Thank you

Adult Group Coaching


Monday Advanced 19:30-22:00 £13.50 Dan
Wednesday Intermediate 10:00-12:00 £12 Arthur
Wednesday Intermediate 19:30-22:00 £13.50 Dan
Friday Beginner/Intermediate 10:00-12:00 £12 Andy
Saturday Intermediate/Advanced 12:00-14:30 £12 Robby
Sunday Beginner/Intermediate 10:00-12:00 £12 Andy

Cardio Tennis

Click here for more infomation on Cardio Tennis


Tuesday All abilities 09:30 - 10:30 £7 Dan
Friday All abilities 09:30 - 10:30 £7 Dan

Adult Individual Tennis Coaching

Individual lessons must be booked directly with our coaches and prices vary accordingly.
If you have any preferences, please ensure that you inform us upon booking/enquiring.

Read more about the Pavilion Tennis Coaching Team here.