Men's & Ladies Team Practice

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From 11th April 2017 Team Practice will take place during men’s and ladies nights. The aim is to get the best players that are available for team tennis practicing together on a regular basis. This will help keep the teams in as high a league as possible whilst retaining/improving the strongest players at the club.

Team practice will take a maximum of 3 courts for 2 hours on Men’s/Ladies Nights. Normal social tennis will continue on the courts not used for team practice.

Team practice will be by invitation only so that we can manage the numbers, but will be monitored and reviewed after an initial period with a view to expanding and or changing the set-up.

The higher team players will be encouraged to mix in with normal social play where possible when not involved to keep challenging the “fringe” players. Please note higher team players may need to finish a social set prematurely when they are required for team practice.

Initial feedback has been very positive, but if you have any questions or thoughts please do speak with me.

Thank you,

Martin Radford - PLTC Tennis Captain.