Court Use

Court Availability

With 6 hard courts available, there should always be courts available for social or casual tennis.

Note that there is no formal court booking system so it is a question of turning up and assessing the situation, though tournament matches and coaching activities take precedence over social matches.

Use the club calendar to check court availability before you play. You can also view what social events are planned later in the year too. It is kept as up to date as possible. Note that this calendar also includes AWAY matches too.

Court Etiquette

The club rules provide details on court etiquette and expected codes of behaviour, for example regarding clothing, footwear and glass containers. See the Rules


To use the floodlights, you need to insert coins in the payment box in clubhouse; it costs £5 per hour (divided into 12 minute segments). Please note the following:

  • The floodlight coin box only takes £1 coins
  • If the floodlights go off, it will take about 15 minutes for them to come back on again (if more coins are inserted)
  • A small blue light fixed on selected floodlight pillars will flash when there is 5 minutes left (so a cue to insert more coins)
  • When a court’s light go out, two lamps remain on for 5 minutes to enable a safe exit from the courts

The floodlights cannot be used before 8.00 am and after 10.00 pm. Note that there is an automatic switch off linked to these times that cannot be overridden by players.

Clubhouse Access

You can purchase a swipe card to gain access to the clubhouse when it is not open. These can be obtained from the bar manager. You will also need to de-activate the alarm when first entering the club.