Group Squads

Our junior group squads run year round, following our coaching terms. Split by both age and standard, they follow the Tennis Squad curriculum, ensuring that over a calendar year all participants will be taught every stroke and game tactic relative to their level. We aim to combine structured teaching with plenty of games and activities to develop all-round physical literacy. 

Step 1: Choose your suitable session from the timetable below

Step 2: Email us on to enquire on space / book a free trial week

Step 3: Enrol via our Direct Debit System.

Junior Squads - Winter Season 2018-19
Typically Plays 1-2 times per week, plays for fun including occasional club & social events. 2-3 times per week, competing in local-level teams and tournaments.  3+ times per week, competing in external tournaments / senior teams. 
Thurs 4pm  N/A N/A
(School Yrs 1-3)
Mon 4pm  
Thurs 4pm 
Fri 4pm 
Mon 4pm
Fri 4pm 
(School Yrs 4-5) OR Orange-rated
Tues 4pm
Thurs 4pm 
Mon 5pm  Mon 5pm 
Fri 5pm 
Green (School Yrs 5-6) OR Green rated Tues 4pm  Thurs 5pm*  Mon 6pm 
Fri 6pm 
Yellow Ball
(School Yrs 6-13)
Mon 4pm 
Tues 4pm 
Mon 5pm 
Mon 6pm 
Thurs 5pm* 
Fri 5pm 
Wed 5pm 
Fri 6pm 

*girls-only squads


Adult Squads - Winter Season 2018-19
Tennis Xpress (Adult Starters) Mon 2pm (Tom)
Thurs 6.30pm (Tom)
See Coaching News
Club Doubles Player Mon 2pm (Rob G)
Mon 7pm (Tom)
Team Player Mon 8pm (Rob G)


Cardio Squads - Winter Season 2018-19

Bounce to the Beat with our tennis-themed fitness session to music! Suitable for all playing levels. 
Girls-Only Drills & Social Cardio
(Comprehensive School ages)
Tues 5pm (Rob G)
Boys-Only Tennis Fit Cardio
(Comprehensive School ages)
Tues 6pm (Rob G)
Adult Cardio Tennis Tues 7pm (Rob G)