Club Championships 2023

Jane Warner says: "What great matches were played on Saturday 16th September finals day.  A total of 8 very competitive events, enjoyed and supported by friends and family." 

The results are as follows:-

Open Mens Singles           Archie Mills

Open Mens Doubles          Archie Mills & Dan Walker

Open Ladies Doubles        Sarah McCormick & Emma Bowen

Open Mixed Doubles         Lucy Taylor-Radmore & Guy Ramus

+45 Mens Singles              Paul Massey

+45 Ladies Doubles           Sarah McCormick & Emma Bowen

+45 Mixed Doubles            Alex Case & Ian Woodley

+60 Mixed Doubles            Ginny & Chris Lowe

Already played +60 Mens Doubles          Dave Lambert & Paul Massey

To be played +60 Mens Singles, +45 Mens Doubles, +60 Ladies Doubles