Club championships 2020

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This year we will be offering a completely different Club Championships, one that we hope will have something for everyone. Simon Corbishley will be running the event and it will take place Tuesday, September 1st - Sunday, September 6th 2020.
So that you can plan ahead and get dates in your diary we'd like to give you a glimpse of what the format will be.

All singles, senior and super senior doubles will be scheduled by Simon throughout the week. The other events will run as follows:

Tuesday, September 1st
Daytime: 14 & Under, 18 & Under Club Champs
6:30pm: Men's American Tournament

Wednesday, September 2nd
Daytime: Social American Doubles Tournament (for all levels)
6:30pm: Ladies Compass Doubles Tournament (club champs)

Thursday, September 3rd
4:00-6:30pm: Mini Tennis Club Champs
6:30pm: Men's Compass Doubles Tournament (club champs)

Friday, September 4th
6:30pm: Mixed Doubles Compass Tournament (club champs) &
Super Senior Mixed Doubles Tournament

Saturday, September 5th
Ladies & Men's Club Champs Doubles Finals
Men's & Ladies Senior Doubles Finals
14 & Under & 18 & Under Club Finals
Social American Doubles Tournament (for all)
Wheelchair Tennis Exhibition Event - singles & doubles
Learning Disability Tournament

Sunday, September 6th
Ladies & Men's Singles Finals
Mixed Doubles Finals
Men's & Ladies Super Senior Doubles Finals

Please put the dates in your diary!
Many thanks
Sarah McCormick
Chair @ PTC