Updated rules 140720

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1. As of 25/7/20 our indoor courts 1 & 3 will now be available for use.
2. Courts are only available to members and must be booked and paid for online.
3. As Pam Adams continues to isolate, you must be a key holder to book a court. Players must be prepared to unlock/lock
and alarm the club if there is no coach on site. To purchase a key or balls please contact Sarah Eaton:
[email protected] / 07747 614060
4. Only one court booking per member at any one time. Please keep a note of who you are playing with so that if
necessary we can track and trace for 21 days after you have played.
5. Changing rooms remain closed as does the clubhouse and cafe. No spectators are allowed in the clubhouse and you
must bring your own water with you. The disabled toilet is available for use if needed. Please follow the rules which
are clearly displayed in the clubhouse.
6. No mix-in social sessions.
7. You must open both fire doors when you arrive, regardless of the weather and close them when you leave. The door
from the foyer to the indoor courts must remain open at all times. This is to help with the air flow inside the courts.
8. Please be responsible for your own rubbish and use the hand sanitizer upon entering the club.
9. All indoor and outdoor courts will be available to book from 7:00am - 9:00pm, Monday-Sunday. Please make sure that
you leave 15 mins between bookings, if we see that there are back to back bookings then we will move your booking to
create a buffer.
10. You can only play if you have booked a court and are a member of PTC. Members will only be able to book 7 days in
advance. Please leave your court promptly when your time is up. Please take all your belongings (including your
rubbish) with you at the end of your session. Avoid congregating on or around the court after playing to allow access
for others.
11. Pam will be available on her mobile from 10:00am-12:00pm if you have any queries regarding booking courts: 07989
12. As outdoor courts 3 & 4, now have plenty of sand on them we are asking that you drag your court after every session,
this will make a different to how the courts will play. Anti-bacterial spray and hand gel is provided on court.
13. If you have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days then please follow the government guidelines.
Please inform Pam Adams if you have been to the club and have later experienced Covid-19 symptoms.