If you need racket or string advice do get in touch 

I have played tennis since my mid teens and have been stringing my own and fellow players rackets since then.

Racket and string technology has changed a lot over the years and the huge range now available is overwhelming.

With the amount of time I have invested in tennis I can now offer impartial advice.

When I was younger I found myself breaking strings way too frequently, weekly if not every other day! very early on in my tennis life I had to learn to string.
I now offer a "no-frills" stringing service in order to bring you restrings at truly sensible prices.

As a guide a restrung tennis racket with a decent polyester/synthetic mix (Babolat RPM Blast/Prince SynGut) will typically be £15.  You can of course opt for a more budget or high-end string set-up.

Broken a string or just need old strings replaced ?

What if you have broken your racket? it happens sometimes.
If you are looking for a used racket let me know, I sometimes have rackets or know players who are upgrading and have older models to sell. I can't guarantee rackets always being available, but I can always make some calls on your behalf.

Do get in touch.

[email protected]