Adult Groups Overview

Learn to Play

Build a solid foundation to go out and play, with our Learn to play groups. Our qualified coaches will teach you the basics and how to put it all together in a game. *Contact us if you & 2 friends wish to Learn to Play*


Back to Tennis

A re-introduction to tennis group, for players returning to tennis. Sessions cover the basics and finish with a friendly game so you can put into practise your re-found skills. *Contact us if you & 2 friends wish to come Back to Tennis*


Tennis DNA

Develop your Tennis DNA with our qualified coaches. A different focus each week in order to improve your technique and tactics.



Cardio Tennis

Supported by music, this social group fitness session is open to player of all abilities. You'll get to hit lots of balls in our drills and game, while burning plenty of calories.


Dubs Drill & Play

Dubs Drill & Play is ideal for doubles players looking for a combination of skill-specific drills and point play to take your doubles to the next level.


After Work

Work off the stresses of the day with this high intensity workout sesion, including drills and point play. You'll get to hit lots of balls and improve your skills.



Live Ball Practise

Live ball drills to develop your skills in a specific game situations. This is then incorprated back into match play to allow you to apply your new skills.


Just Play Tennis

Just Play Tennis is about turning up for an hour of exercise and some fun. A coach led social session, providing players with the opportunity to Just Play Tennis. *Contact us if you wish to start a Just Play Tennis session*



For more information or to start your own group please contact Head Coach Gemma at