The government has issued new guidance stating that from 13 May, tennis is a permitted activity. The committee consulted the Parish Council and then met online to discuss the impact of the new guidance. We are pleased to say that the main court is now open for booking, with some restrictions.

Please read the LTA Guidance to Players for yourself and follow the advice given. The Guidance can be found at:

Here are the key points from the Guidance as well as how our club is adapting to them:

1) You may play singles or doubles with members of your household
2) You may play singles with someone who is not in your household. Please ensure you maintain strict social distancing measures when doing this and both avoid handling the same items or common touch points. You must bring your own tennis balls labelled with your name and avoid touching the other person's
3) Wash your hands before and after playing. Wipe down any shared surfaces (e.g. court door handle and lock) with disinfectant/alcohol wipes before and after playing. Players are asked to leave a buffer period of 10 minutes before the next group uses the court. The net is to be left at the correct height and is not to be slackened off to avoid anyone having to touch it. The bench on court is not to be used
4) Group activities such as our popular Saturday morning sessions remain suspended. This time is now available for people to book using ClubSpark
5) Taking into the account these restrictions and the time lost, the club will temporarily allow non members to play for free with Members. We hope this will encourage others members of your household and friends to play and consider joining the club. Please be aware that we rely on Membership income to pay overheads including fees, maintenance and repairs and it is unfair to expect others to pay for these for the benefit of others in the long run. We have exceptionally low Membership fees so please encourage others to pay!
6) The Pavilion will remain closed and strictly off-limits to members and the MUGA court will not be available for tennis.

We'd like to remind everyone to follow NHS and Government advice and that using the court is considered low-risk which is not the same as no risk. If you or anyone in your house feels unwell then please do not use the court. We trust each person will make their own decision if playing is right for them taking their own circumstances into account. The committee will keep the arrangements under review and if people flout the restrictions then there is a risk the club will have to close again.