Fees and Forms

Our Annual membership fees are as follows

Annual Subscriptions – from 1 April:

  Family(i) Senior Senior over 64 Young Seniors(ii) Junior(iii) Mini(iv) Associate
  £325 £162 £97 £76 £66 £15 £30
Standing order per month £28 £14.50 £9 £7.50 £6.50 £- £-


i Family Membership is defined as two adult members and any number of their children aged under 22 on 1 April and in full-time education at a school/Sixth Form College or at a University or equivalent.

ii Young Senior members are those aged 18 but under 22 on 1 April, whether attending a university or other higher education institution or in work.

iii Junior members are members attending a Secondary school or college on 1 April.

iv Mini members are members attending a Primary school on 1 April

Application and payment information

The following forms and information detail how new members can apply and members can pay their subscriptions.  A stock of application and standing order forms are also available in the clubhouse.