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Sadly, after more than 20 years since we first formed, Prestbury Tennis Club (PTC) will be dissolved at the end of March 2022 when our Agreement is up for renewal.

Our landlords, Prestbury Parish Council (PPC), wish to make radical changes to our Agreement, together with a significant rent increase, and therefore we feel we are unable to renew it and continue to run tennis activities on the courts at Prestbury.  Our sincere hope is that tennis will continue in a similar, affordable model. It has been a pleasure for us to enjoy our sport and provide such excellent facilities to the tennis-playing public for so long.

Following an EGM on 10th September when the full situation was explained to Members, we gave our decision to PPC.  Below is the statement which was subsequently read out by our Executive Committee at a meeting between Prestbury Tennis Club and Prestbury Parish Council on 29th September.


Further updates will be posted on this News page as they become known to PTC about how tennis will continue on the courts from April 2022 under PPC control.  Please review this page from time to time if you wish to keep informed.


Statement to PPC re proposed renewal of Agreement between PPC and PTC


It is with regret that we have decided, after much deliberation and consultation with Members and other bodies, that we will not be accepting PPCs Option 1 to renew our Agreement under the proposed Terms and Conditions they have outlined.


Therefore, by default, we, Prestbury Tennis Club (PTC) Committee, accept on behalf of the club and its members, Option 2, whereby PPC will regain tenure of the courts and the land that our clubhouse sits on in Prestbury playing fields.


Residents of Prestbury formed this Tennis Club and took on the task of renovating and running the courts over 20 years ago.  Until then the courts had been the responsibility of the Council, and were in a bad state of repair. Over the years PTC invested a lot of time and a considerable amount of money to make them the fine courts they are today.  We have maintained them to a very good standard, and they are recognised by both our members and professionals as some of the best in the area.  We are very proud to be handing them back to the Council in such good order – and of course hope that our hard work and investment will continue to benefit the tennis-playing community.


PTC has been a very friendly, inclusive, affordable and thriving Club from which the residents of Prestbury have benefited together with anyone from the surrounding area who wished to join.


Current Membership fees amount to less that 80p per week for adults and a mere £10 and £5 per annum respectively for juniors and children.  PTC Members enjoy many benefits, including well-attended Social Sessions, Club teams for men, women and juniors who wished to play in Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) county league matches, plus occasional friendly internal matches, together with the benefit of a website and user-friendly 24/7 online booking system.


Early on, PTC forged an excellent and happy alliance with a professional coach to offer a variety of coaching and activities for all ages and abilities.  Our current coach, Tom Jacobsen, is very much part of the Club and has worked closely and successfully within our ethos of making tennis available and enjoyable for as many people as possible.


As has already been indicated by PPC, we very much hope that Tom, who runs NE14Tennis, will be invited to negotiate a new Agreement to rent and run the tennis courts based on the model that PPC have outlined in Option 2.  We would fully endorse and support Tom in this in the hope that we, keen local tennis-players, will be able to enjoy ongoing affordable tennis at Prestbury once PTC is dissolved.


Our decision process has not been an easy or comfortable one, and it is with deep regret and sadness that we feel it is not feasible to continue to run our Club as part-time volunteers, due to the ‘business model’ which Prestbury Parish Council now insists upon. 


In running tennis at Prestbury for the community, PTC undertake all the work of running the club (including maintenance, membership administration, provision of insurance, LTA registration, safeguarding and booking system administration).  We raise all the funds, meet all the costs and take all of the risk. Under the proposed Option 1, the burden of work would increase, as would the costs, risks and reporting requirements.  Consequently, PTC feels that the proposed model would be unviable for unremunerated volunteers working in their spare time.


For this reason we shall not be renewing our Agreement after 31st March 2022.