Coronavirus Policy

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It is such a relief that we are now allowed to play tennis again even though under restricted conditions. I am therefore pleased to inform you that PTC will reopen on Saturday 16th May in accordance with the LTA guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.

If you wish to view the LTA guidelines in full please refer to:-


At Prestbury Tennis Club the following rules will apply:-


1. Wash your hands prior to arrival and take hand sanitiser with you. Use your own cleaned racket, water bottle, and tennis balls preferably labelled with your name/initials. Only hand touch your own balls. Bring your own sanitising equipment for gate, lock etc

2.Both Singles play and Doubles play is now permitted with people from out of your household, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can now play doubles.

3. Members only can play and they have to book a court through the PTC website. Sessions limited to 1 HOUR per member with a max of 4 1hr bookings in a week.

4. Access to the courts by a combination lock and chain on the gate. The number will be sent to you when you have joined. The last person on the courts must relock and scramble the code and wipe, sanitise or disinfectant spray any area of the gate and lock that has been touched please.

5. Nets will be set at the correct height so do not adjust or touch them.

6. When playing please remain at the same end or change by walking on opposite sides of the net posts.

7. Observe Social Distancing. Keep at least 2 metres away from other players and do not chase a ball running onto the next court. No shaking hands, high fives etc

8. Access to the PTC Pavilion or Cloakroom is limited. A First Aid kit is in the PTC Pavilion but ideally bring your own. The coach, commitee member or one member only is allowed in either building. Any opening of locks, door handles etc must be sanitised after use please for safety reasons.

9. Spectator/guardians allowed but must adhere to social distance guidlines and please where possible limit this to 1 spectator/guardian per player.  Spectator/guardian must wait outside the stop netting and not in the PTC Pavilion.

10. Coaching is allowed with Tom Jacobsen. Details can be found on the following website.


Membership for 2019/20 expired on 31st March 2020. The New subscription for this current year was £42. However, as we have had nearly 2 months without tennis the subscription fee will be reduced pro rata to £35 from now up to 31st March 2021. If members would rather wait until 1st September to re-join, then the subscription will be £21. (payable in September) With Junior £10/Child £5 as before.

If you have any problems booking a court online after you have paid your subscription please contact Steve Smith (Our new PTC Website Officer) email :- [email protected]


Ways to pay:- By BACS. Information from the Treasurer [email protected]

By Clubspark see Membership page