Coronavirus - Social Distancing Requirements

To stay safe in this time, it is vitally important that you follow the requirements below:

- All courts must be booked in advance using the booking tab.

- Bring your own tennis racket and balls - please consider marking your balls so others at the club know they aren't theirs.

- Maintain social distancing from anyone you don't live with.

- Do not block the entrance.

- Wash your hands thoroughly before and after sessions.

- Preferably, also sanitise your hands when you enter and leave the tennis club.

- Avoid touching your face whilst playing, and try not to touch doors, nets, etc with unsanitized hands.

- The clubhouse can now be used (from 17th May 2021) but social distancing, and the rule of 6, apply and face masks should be worn - max. capacity of 2 groups of 6.

- Spectating is now allowed (from 17th May 2021) up to a maximum of 30 people (socially distanced).