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Fun family competition at the Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup

The Quorn Family Tennis Cup provides families with the opportunity to play tennis in an informal, fun competition organised by their local venue, whilst also encouraging families to play tennis more often and to eat healthy food to compliment an active lifestyle.

  • Red Ball family doubles (under 10 child & adult family member)
  • Exciting prizes and giveaways
  • Winners qualify for Festival Days

Event format

The Quorn Family Tennis Cup uses the Mini Tennis Red Ball format. Mini Tennis Red is played on smaller courts with short rackets and soft balls. It’s just like the real game, and gives players the opportunity to have longer rallies and practice different types of shots.

  • Red ball events

    Red Ball events are available for families with younger children. To be eligible for the red competitions, the pair must consist of: Any child born 1 September 2009 or later (under 10), playing with an adult family member* born 31 August 2001 or earlier (18+).


* Adult family member - parent, carer, guardian, step parent, co-parent, uncle, auntie, sibling or grandparent.


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