All you ever need to know about mix-ins at RTC

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  • Everyone is welcome, but you and the other players will enjoy it more if you can maintain a steady rally on backhand and forehand and can serve in reasonably consistently.
  • It’s the perfect way to meet other members who are of a similar standard to you so that you can arrange your own games.
  • The Saturday session is the best start point. This is aimed at newer players to the game along with some of our gentler and steadier club players. No-one will judge you and everyone will help you to improve your game and enjoy the day. None of us are going to be winning Wimbledon anytime soon
  • Each session has its own WhatsApp Group (ie Sunday mornings etc)
  • Email [email protected] or message Tim Moss 07836549855 on WhatsApp to request to be added to a group or to  multiple groups. Please be clear which sessions you wish to join
  • Spaces will be allocated onto the mix-in in multiples of four. If there are odd numbers or more than 16 people requesting to play a waiting list will operate or if enough demand is there we may run two shorter sessions (ie 9.30 and 11.00 starts)
  • Players will be allocated in priority order on a first come first served basis
  • Booking will open seven days less two hours before the session. (ie booking for the Sunday 4th April session at 10.00am will open on the Sunday Morning Mix-in WhatsApp Group at 12.00 midday on Sunday March 28th) Requests sent too early will be ignored! This sounds complicated but once you are on a group your phone will light up with messages when the session opens so it will become clear!
  • For now players will be allocated a partner who they will keep for the whole session to minimise contacts. Partners will be posted to the WhatsApp Group. As lockdown rules change we will review this so you only have to endure the same partner for one part of he mix in!
  • Opponents and courts will be pre-allocated and posted to the WhatsApp Group. Try and remember who your partner is and which court number you start with and move to.
  • Organisers will try and mix up partners and opponents. Some weeks may have stronger and weaker players partnered against similar opponents and some weeks will try and have similar standard fours partnered together.
  • We are currently playing 1 hour 30 minute mix -in sessions with two 45 minute games for each pair, rather than the previous 3 games of 40 minutes each. We will review this and see if players would prefer three matches
  • If players wish to play on with different partners or opponents after the session, they must book a subsequent court for track and trace purposes
  • Players should bring their own marked balls and should serve with their own balls
  • New balls can be obtained at the great price of just £4 a tin from Katy Thomson who can be contacted at [email protected]
  • For these pre-arranged mix-ins it is important that players give as much notice as possible if they can’t attend as the activities are very challenging to re-arrange at short notice. Please don’t add your name to play unless you are confident that you are likely to be available.
  • If the weather looks bad a decision on play will be made at least one hour prior to the start of the session and posted on the relevant WhatsApp Group
  • Being part of the WhatsApp Group doesn’t commit you to playing in any of the sessions but you will of course receive all messages posted on that group! Please don’t use the WhatsApp thread for banter or private messages as there are up to 40 people one some of the threads and this can get annoying!
  • If less people sign up for the sessions, courts reserved for mix in will be released 48 hours beforehand so  that they can booked for general play
  • If Covid rules change as infections drop we will review the need for pre-arranged mix-ins and decide whether or not we return to ad hoc turn up and play sessions
  • Juniors can play in any mix-ins as long as they can maintain a steady rally on backhand and forehand and can serve in reasonably consistently and their guardian is also playing in the same session or supervising. The sessions are aimed primarily at adults and so it is important that juniors are good enough to make the games work properly and not too good to show up the adults.

The session times are as follows:-

  • Monday evening      18.00              Men’s team squad mix-in
  • Tuesday evening     TBC                Ladies team squad mix in
  • Thursday evening    17.30              All welcome
  • Friday morning         10.00             All welcome
  • Saturday morning     10.00             All but especially new & improvers welcome
  • Sunday morning       10.00             All welcome

If you have any questions or want to join a group email [email protected] – you will need to provide your mobile phone number if you wish to join the WhatsApp Groups