2019 Weekly Tennis Schedule, Events & Club Information

CLUB PLAY: This is when members come down and play amongst themselves or in a structured session

Monday evening - 7.30pm - Ladies Match Practice (organised by [email protected])

Tuesday evening - 7.00pm - Club session with all welcome plus food

Thursday evening - 7.30pm - Mens Match Practice (organised by [email protected])

Friday evening- Singles box leagues (organised by [email protected])

Saturday morning - 10.00am - Club session with social doubles (organised by [email protected])


Competitions - We have Open Competitions throughout summer, Handicap competitions throughout Autumn and Doubles throughout Winter. 

League Matches - We have multiple teams represented in the weekend Surrey and  Weald Leagues as well as the Dorking & Leatherhead midweek league. Within each of these leagues we have mens, ladies and mixed doubles teams. There is also a local area seniors league that we have a team playing in.

Social - There is a booking sytem to assist in reserving courts. If you're after a partner or someone to play with then speak to one of the coaches who will be able to assist.

COACHING: (Email [email protected] for more info or call 07950 802 770)

Beginner coaching on Tuesday morning at 9:30 and 7:00pm - £10 per session

Club standard players on Monday at 7.30 and Friday at 9.15 - £10 per session

All levels can come on Wednesday - at 7.30pm - £5

Junior Groups Monday - Saturday - 4pm - 7.30pm most weeknights and 9am - 3pm on Saturday. See www.boomcoaching.co.uk for full schedule.

Individual coaching is between £25-£35 an hour and arranged at a time that suits you so if you let Boom Coaching know when you're around they'll get you a coach


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