Type of Membership & Prices

3 MONTH INTRODUCTORY  for new members.  Full senior or intermediate (depending on your standard)  membership for three months.  Only available for players who have not joined the club before. 

SENIOR players who play at a reasonable level with good ball control and court positioning.  There is a discount of 15% for intermediate/senior members who join as a couple.

INTERMEDIATE for  those who are new or returning to tennis and are developing their skills or for those who wish to play a relaxed social game of tennis.  There is a discount of 15%for intermediate/senior members who join as a couple. 

UNDER 30S players who are aged under 30, who wish to join the intermediate or senior section. Includes university students.

SOCIAL/TABLE TENNIS/DARTS for those who wish to play in the table tennis team, attend darts evenings and  for friends or relatives of club members who wish to use the club's lounge & bar and to attend social events at membership prices.  Please note the table tennis and darts membership is included in tennis membership.  

OFF PEAK  to enable adults to take up tennis.  Available for two years, after which time players will be encouraged to join the intermediate section.  Off Peak members can play between 9 and 5 Monday - Friday.  Court priority is given to full adult players.  Includes cardio/coaching membership. 

CARDIO/COACHING players who wish to take part in the Cardio Tennis sessions or/and who wish to attend coaching sessions.

JUNIOR  ages 3-18 for all standards.  Click here for more information .  

                      01.09.2015 or later -

                      01.09.2012 to 31.08.2015 

                      01.09.2008 to 31.08.2012 

                       01.09.2001 to 31.08.2008 

                       Under 18 Invitational   

PARENT for parents of juniors to enable them to  play with their children.  Court priority is given to full adult members 

Over 75 discount - 25%