Wimbledon Tickets


Each year the club has an allocation of Wimbledon tickets from the LTA which is based on the number of our adult and junior (aged 11 and over) members who are British Tennis Members, who are affiliated to the club by mid-February and who opted into the ballot via the LTA website before the closing date.

To enter the Reedham Draw for these tickets therefore you need to be a paid up member of Reedham Tennis club on the draw date and a British Tennis Member by mid-February of that year affiliated to Reedham Park Sports Club (done as part of the sign up procedure) and then opt into the ballot (you will receive an email at a later stage when the ballot opens). 

Membership of British Tennis is free of charge and easily joined online at www.lta.org.uk/membership  .  For free membership pick the Lite Membership not the Team membership.

PLEASE LET THE MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY KNOW YOUR BTM number once you have joined on email: rpsc.membership@gmail.com