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Upcoming Events:

Saturday 14th March 3.30-5pm. Technical & Tactical Clinic - First four shots of the rally for singles and doubles play.Booking required. £20 per person.

We will be running a series of Technical & Tactical classes throughout the year.

Our first class will cover the Serve, Return, Serve and 2nd shot and Return and 2nd shot for both singles and doubles.

Most singles rallies in tennis are between 1-4 shots in length and so if we can improve how we play these first four shots we should see more success when we play points.

If you want to beat your main rival at your club or generally just improve your serve and return - this class will help you.  

In doubles, if you can place your serves in key areas of the service box you make the return very difficult and set up your partner for the winning volley at the net. Doubles serving is more about placement than power.

Likewise if you miss your target on the serve, the returner is looking to maximise their return and put the server under pressure.

If you want to improve your doubles play whether you are playing competitive matches or just friendly doubles at your club, class will give you key tips and tactics to take away, which will improve your doubles play.

Spaces are limited. Sign up here ! £20 per person. 

Future topics will include:


Patterns of Play

Doubles positioning & tactics

Sunday Social Mix In & Matchplay 2.15-3.45pm - Booking required. £13.50 per person per session.

This new session is designed to enable you to practise the skills you have learned in your coaching sessions. It is coach led and after a few drills to get you started, it will be a Mix In & Matchplay,  both singles and doubles depending on numbers and preference. The session is aimed at both Adults and Juniors 12+ (who can rally well, rather than those just starting to play) - it is a mixed session. The session is pay as you go, in advance, to secure your place  book and pay via the Course Search Tool and filter on Sundays. £13.50 per person per session.

Great feedback received so far, do come and join in !