Tom Freeman

Thomas Freeman is a LTA Level 4 Accredited, Senior Club Coach.

Tom has over 20 years coaching with players of all ages and standards and particularly enjoys working with players new to tennis and guiding them along their tennis pathway by creating a fun and exciting environment in which to learn.

Tom will coach our groups on a Sunday and is also available for individual lessons on a Sunday.

Tom is also a Master Stringer - prices and info to follow...


Here is a little bit more about Tom:

You’ve got tickets to any tournament in the world - where would you go and who do you want to see play ?

" Australian Open, watching Federer. 2 week holiday, and spending money included I hope.!"


Who is your favourite player ?

 "I have two, Roger Federer, and Gustavo Kuerton, as we are both from Florianopolis."


What other sports do you play or would you like to play ?         

"I currently play Real, or Royal Tennis, and Ice Hockey. I would love to Surf."  


Why do you think tennis is the best sport ? 

" Many reasons, the simplicity of the game in the sense of, ball over net, and in, then working out strategies to break down players. The scoring system is the best in sport, you can be one point away from losing, and come back and win. It requires you to be incredibly physically fit. The professional circuit follows the sun around the globe most of the time. "