Singles ladder

We are running singles ladders for men and ladies.

New for tennis club members.

Fancy a crack at some competitive singles play?

We have set up a men and women's singles tennis ladder. To join the ladder install the app 'Slappy Sports Ladder' and use the following codes;
Men's - e2dc819d
Women's - a266b863
Every participant needs to register on the app in order to join the ladder. Using this online system means the ladder pretty much runs itself. The system manages contact details, challenges & unavailability. The app makes it easy to report scores and automatically moves players up or down the ladder based on the outcome of their matches.
Please note only members of the club may apply to join.


a) Matches will consist of a single set to 6

b) The matches need to be finished within the booking time. if the match is unfinished record that as the final score. The ladder matches do not take priority over other matches and bookings.

c) Alternately, if okay finishes before the hour you may continue to play as a friendly.

If you have any queries on the ladder contact the club.