Court booking guidelines

As at most tennis clubs, at RLTC we have a set of basic rules and guidelines to try and be as fair as possible to all our members when it comes to booking courts. This means we depend on your co-operation and consideration for others when managing your own bookings.

  • Only one booking per member per day allowed
  • Don't be late - the 15-minute rule applies
  • Pay your Guest fees
  • Cancel it if you can't use it
  • Tell us if you see a booked court go unused

One booking per day limit: Please remember that individual members are permitted to book only ONE court per day (up to 90 mins maximum). It is NOT permitted to book a second session following it (either in your name or in someone else's) with the same players continuing to play. 

Don't be late - the 15-minute rule: Once you’ve booked a court, please make every effort to turn up on time to play. Be aware that if you are more than 15 minutes late arriving, you risk losing your booking because other members can walk on and use a court that is a 'no-show' after 15 minutes.

Pay your Guest fees: Please be sure to pay the appropriate fee before your guest walks on court to play: £6.50 per adult guest, £3.50 per junior guest (under 19) and £10.50 per guest at a club Social session. You can pay online. A guest may play at RLTC a maximum of 4 times in any membership year (May to April).
Cancel it if you can't use it: To be considerate to everyone, if having made a booking you find you’re not able to use it (for whatever reason), then please remember to CANCEL IT so that others can book in your place. Please make this decision as early as you can (preferably 24 hours before) to give others time to see on the system that the court is available. Leaving a cancellation to the very last minute can be seen as inconsiderate and bear in mind that once the start-time of a court booking has passed the system doesn’t allow you to cancel that session – so the court may remain booked out while standing empty.

Tell us if you see a booked court going unused: If you see a booked court going unused then please tell us. It’s very frustrating for everyone to see empty courts when the booking system shows them as unavailable. We need everyone’s co-operation to be as fair as possible to all members - please help us by emailing us with the date, time and court number of your observation. 

Thank you.