Box League

RLTC runs a Singles Box league for members to play competitive singles tennis on a regular basis and to meet other members. 

The box league will as much as possible follow the Wilson Surrey league rules and schedule and follow the double promotion / relegation process for all boxes.
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Joining the RLTC Singles Box League
To join the RLTC Box League you must be an adult member of the club. 
Visit the TennisJeannie website 

Choose "Register Now - It's free!" then choose "LTA Affiliated Club".
Select county "Surrey" and finally choose "Richmond Lawn Tennis Club" (two times).  

RLTC Singles Box League rules
Match format

Best of 3 sets first to 4 games in each set.
Matches will be played as adults.

Box design
Boxes will be designed to accommodate 5 players.
So players will have 4 matches to play each round.

Point allocation
All matches are best of three Fast 4 sets, deciding point to be played at Deuce. 
Playing a match – 1 point
Winning a match - 6 points 
Winning a set - 2 points
No walk-overs

Umpiring matches
The LTA rules for matches that are not umpired will apply to box league matches.
It is each player's responsibility to call the lines on their side of the court only.
Line calls can be challenged. If a player is certain of their line call then the call must stand. However, if the player is in any doubt, the player must give the benefit of the doubt to the opponent and concede the point.

Box league ranking
A player's league position is determined by the total number of points won in a round.
In the event that two or more players have the same number of points the league position will be determined by:
1. Head to head result (if only 2 players on the same score)
2. Most matches won
3. Ratio of sets won to sets played %
4. Ratio of games won to games played %.

Promotion and relegation
The player with the top ranking will be promoted up two boxes.
The player with the second ranking will be promoted up one box.
The player with the lowest ranking will be regelated two boxes.
The player with the second lowest ranking will be regelated one box.
For Boxes 1, 2, 3, the rules will change slightly.
Only the top member in box 2 and 3 will be promoted one box.
Only the bottom member of box 1 will be regulated one box.
For the bottom 3 boxes, a similar process will be followed.

All players new to the league (or re-joining) will start in an open position, if one exists (usually at the bottom of the boxes).
At the beginning of a season, the box league committee will review all entries and reserve the right to add new players in an appropriate box and move players if appropriate.

Players who do not play any matches in a two consecutive rounds without good reason or advance notice may be withdrawn from the tournament, at the sole discretion of the Tournament Referee.

No show
If a player is more than 15 minutes late on court the opponent can claim the first game.
If a player is more than 30 minutes late on court the opponent can claim a walk-over.
However, walk-over results do not count towards player rating.

Retire from match
If a player retires from a match, for example because of injury, all completed games will stand.
Any un-played games will be conceded.
For example:
Player A is leading 3:1 and 30:15 when player A has to retire.
The match score should be entered as 9-3 to player B. Jeannie will take care of the point allocation.

Withdrawing during a round
If a player withdraws from a round having played 2 matches the player will be deemed to be an Active player and the match scores will stand. 

There are no walk overs in the Fast4 format.

Note:  We reserve the right to correct, amend or change the rules at anytime without notice.  The latest rules will be posted on this webpage and in Tennis Jeannie.