Members - Important information on using the courts and coming to RLTC

How it works at RLTC... and what YOU need to do

As a Community Amateur Sports Club we at RLTC need every member who plays to help us by exercising personal responsibility and common sense at the venue.  We share our club environment with other sports clubs and the public have access to the grounds. These factors increase risk and are beyond our control.  We will do everything we can to make the tennis areas of our shared grounds safe for you but you resume playing at your own risk.
Visit the LTA's coronavirus advice webpage

Our courts are  open for singles and doubles play but currently:

* The ODP clubhouse  is serving takeaway drinks from the bar at certain times, but to be served please remember to sign up on the Old Deer park website.

* Group coaching sessions, courses and weekly social tennis sessions are not yet available although Cardio Tennis has resumed on Saturday mornings.

Court bookings - Tiger Turf, Hard courts, Grass courts

Members must book online in the usual way.  To manage pressure on court availability, you can make one booking per day.  Please don't override this limit by each member of a singles pair booking consecutive sessions. We must be fair to everyone who wants to play.

SAFETY - the following are YOUR responsibilities

To support the NHS Test and Trace procedure, all members who book a court must keep a meticulous record of who they were playing with, ensuring that contacting can be done if needed.

- The gents loo behind the pavilion is now a unisex toilet which is open for use.  Please use the toilets responsibly in line with the hygiene guidelines.

- Do not enter the club at all if you or another family or household member has any mild flu-like symptoms (eg. continuous cough, sore throat or high temperature).  Do not come to the club if you're in any doubt about your own symptoms or those of another member of your household

- You must observe physical distancing (keeping 2 metres apart both on and off court)

- Arrive at court as close as possible to the time you need to be there

- Personal hygiene remains critical - wash your hands at home before you get to the Club and again at home after you finish playing

- Bring your hand sanitizer with you to courtside – for your own use

- Do not use rubber gloves - they only create a second 'skin' which can carry infection, and wearing them could create a false sense of security (Medics only use them to protect themselves from blood/bodily fluids, not for infection control)

- Take particular care around surfaces or objects where the virus could be present.  Avoid touching court gates, fences, net posts, benches, etc.

- Keypads at courtside will still operate as usual with your booking, but please bring your own wipes to clean the keys or press the keys without direct skin-to-button contact

- Allow others to leave before you enter the court (if you need to wait, then do so well away from the gates)

- The LTA now says that you can share balls BUT take extra care to ensure you don't touch your face during play.  You should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing

- Avoid sharing any equipment if you can - if not, ensure everything is wiped clean before and after use (rackets, etc)

- Bring your own filled water bottle (and do not share with anyone)

- Take all your belongings with you at the end of the session and do not leave anything on court

- Do not take chairs onto any courts 

- You should not indulge in casual socialising with others at the club before or after a game – you should just arrive, play and leave the venue as quickly as you can.

Read the LTA's full briefing for players


A number of pre-booked court-hours are set aside each day for coaching, but no more than they had before lockdown.  We are glad our coaches are finally able to return to work and we're keen to support them. The coaches will keep to strict LTA guidelines on how to conduct all sessions safely. (The Tennis Hut by the Hard Courts may only be used by the coaches.)

Any players you see on court receiving coaching will be either members or prospective members.

To help manage court availability for members, each evening at 9pm any court-time not needed for coaching for the following day will be released back into the booking system for members to use.  Check after 9pm daily to find those extra open spaces.

If you would like to have private one-on-one sessions please contact the coaches directly:
Michael Jones, Head Coach – Tel: 07976 228075
Vedran Mihok – Tel: 07398 452472

And finally ...

We're sure you'll all understand that if, in the coming weeks, the spread of the C-19 virus escalates again and Government and LTA advice changes, then RLTC like other clubs may need to respond quickly.  This could result in the closure of our courts all over again. So please keep up to date with all the official advice and stick to it – help limit the risk to yourselves and to others.
Thank you for your support in helping to make our return to tennis as safe as possible.

RLTC Committee