2022 Junior Tournament

The annual Junior Tennis Tournament is just around the corner. On 9 July 2022, we are offering club juniors the chance to enter and compete against others in the same age category. It will be a great way to experience match-play and demonstrate performance improvements for beginners and more experienced players alike. 

The Richmond coaching team will be encouraging juniors to enter if they have been part of general group coaching, club squads or have taken private lessons. 

The preliminaries will be held on Saturday 9 July between 10:30 and 4:30pm and will determine the finalists who will play on club championship finals day on 10 July 2022.  Juniors must be available for finals day in order to enter the tournament   

Download the entry form for further detailsEntry Deadline is Saturday 2 July

Singles Tournament for all age groups

The format of the matches will depend on the number of entrants for each age group. Once entered, a more detailed schedule and match format will be sent to participants. 

I will be organising and running the tournament this year so please get in touch if you have any questions - [email protected] .

We look forward to seeing you on court
Michael Jones