1. General  

Riseley Tennis Club takes the privacy rights of its members seriously. We use Admidio to enrol and hold our members’ details, information about which can be found at . Only members of the Management Committee will be permitted to access members’ details for purposes of managing the club. Details will also be shared with the club coaches, as required, for the running of the coaching program. In addition to the Admidio database, team captains and club coaches may maintain their own records for running coaching programs, teams and tournaments.  

2. Use of Your Personal Information   Riseley Tennis Club may use your personal information for the following purposes:  

 To send emails to members providing information on services provided by the club.  

 To contact members on any matters relating to their membership of the club.  

 Adult members and juniors with senior status can opt‐in to have their contact details included on a printed list which will be displayed in the clubhouse, to enable members to contact each other (e.g. for organising matches).  

 We may send emails with details of selected external tennis tournaments that may be of interest to our members.  

 Where applicable, members may be contacted by email or phone/text regarding club matches.  

 To contact members who have signed up for coaching with any matters relating to the coaching.