Coronavirus - playing tennis at Riseley

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The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has advised tennis is one of the best examples of social distancing in practice, and so should be encouraged as long as the guidance permits.

Access to the clubhouse has been restricted to use of the toilets and access to the floodlight switches only. Only 1 person at a time in the clubhouse please.  It is very important that this is observed as otherwise we will have to close the clubhouse and then the floodlights will not be available.

Guidance on playing tennis and social distancing at Riseley,

Players should either not change ends or change ends at opposite sides of the net, for doubles following partner but leaving 2m gap, changing to the right-hand side of the net.

For singles matches bags can be left at either side of the net, for doubles pairs should leave their bags at opposite ends at the back of the court, spacing their bags at least 2m apart.

Ensure no physical contact between players. (No handshakes etc.)

Wash hands before and after play.

Avoid touching your face.

It is advised you use your own tennis balls for matches or hitting. We will provide balls for club session.

If balls from another court come across return them using your racket rather than touching the ball.

No social gatherings before or after play (sorry it's just playing tennis for now).

Unless from the same household players should travel separately to and from the tennis club.

Club Sessions will continue but players must observe social distancing. 

Hopefully in time we will be able to relax these rules but for now we must ensure we protect the welfare of all our members while we continue to offer a tennis facility.

We'd ask all members to ensure they observe these adjustments. We are very lucky that we can continue to run the tennis club at the moment, but if these steps are not followed, we may be forced to close and the club could also be subjected to significant fines.

Please contact a member of the committee if you feel someone is not following these guidelines.

Riseley Tennis Club Committee