Ross Ladies B Team v Manor Park C

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On Sunday 10th November Ross ladies B team took on Manor Park C in their latest tennis match in the Hereford and Worcester league.  The day did not start well with one of the team members unfortunately having to pull out due to an injury.  With a few desperate phone calls thankfully they managed to find a very last minute substitution.  As pairings had changed it was decided that the fairest way was just to toss a coin to decide who played with who.

Play swiftly got underway - Heather Peachey and Hayley Jackson took on the opposition’s first pair.  The Malvern pair soon got into their stride and took the first set 3-6 despite most of the games going to deuce.  Ross retaliated winning the second set 6-3 with Hayley putting away some cracking net shots set up by Heather’s solid returns of serve.  All was to play for and after a very long and hard fought third set the Malvern pair took the match with the final set being 4-6.

On the other court matters were far more straight forward with the established pairing of Sandy Foulkes and Lynn O’Driscoll taking on the Manor Park second pair.  Ross took the first set swiftly 6 - 1 and despite the Malvern pair upping their game Lynn and Sandy dug deep and with some canny lobs from Lynn and some little dinks from Sandy they held on to take the second set 7:5.

After a quick refill of the water bottles and a chocolate biscuit to boost energy Hayley and Heather took no time to quickly take the first set against the Malvern seconds 6 -2 and after a much closer second set managed to win the tie break 7-6.  Unfortunately for Malvern Louis in their first pair sustained an injury to her back and although she still played very well after the long first rubber she had to serve underarm.  Lynn and Sandy remained calm and showed no mercy despite the very off putting serves.  They cracked on to take the first set easily 6-2, however, a few nerves started to show when suddenly they found themselves 4-4 in the second set.  Lynn gave them both a good talking to and they eventually took the second set 7-5.

Ross were pleased to get a good win overall of 3-1 especially with the sun causing all sorts of problems from the one end.  The team want to thank Ray Peachey for foregoing his walk in the Forest of Dean and allowing his wife Heather to substitute so last minute.