Ross Mixed Team v. Hallow

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Ross’s mixed tennis team played another away match against Worcester Hallow D team last Saturday, 31st July.

The Ross team hadn’t played together before and had their work cut out for them as they were playing a well established team!

Val Davies and Dan Horrocks played really well together and won their first match with ease, only letting their opponents win 4 games in 2 sets.   Meanwhile Gaynor Raine and Andrew Churchill had a more difficult time and lost their match 1:6, 1:6.   Andrew and Gaynor had some good volleys and cross court rallies but just didn’t have the experience and consistency to win either of their matches and also lost their second match to the Hallow first pair.

Val and Dan had a cracking second match, playing through fairly heavy rain.   All four played really good tennis and the Ross and Hallow supporters were cheering and encouraging each of the pairs in a good natured way.  It was very close in the end but Val and Dan dug deep and won both sets 7:5,7:6.   A super win for the Ross pair and really exciting to watch.

Unfortunately for the Ross team it was a losing draw overall as Hallow had the edge on number games won.