News - December 2019

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and are getting on court. 2019 I think has been a transitional year in many ways. We appointed Coach Paul this year and he's been with us for around 8 months. It's still very early days for his progamme but it's great to see him settling in so well. I had a lengthy chat with Paul last week and he's got some interesting plans and big ideas for the future. We do realise that not everyone accesses the coaching at the club and we respect that - everyone joins our club for different reasons but the coaching programme at any modern tennis club is such an integral part which is why we've concentrated so much on getting the right team in place. I look forward to seeing the continuing evolution of this important aspect of the club in 2020.

Changes to our Articles

Thanks to everyone who responded to the emails giving approval to change our Articles of Association. For those of you who might not know anything about this, we had to make changes to our Articles of Association in order to continue our standing as a CASC (Community Ameteur Sports Club) from which we gain many benefits. In order to do this we had to get the approval of 75% of our full members. We got the 75% and I sent away all the documentation to Companies House. There was a interesting email from one of our members who made some extremely valid points and I appreciate those comments. There was also a couple of comments via text which couldn't be considered as they weren't submitted via email as clearly instructed. 


Just a quick note to make sure you put your rubbish in the relevant bins! I'm sure you don't need me to tell you which bins recyclables etc go in so please treat the club the same way you would at home. Unfortunately we don't have any volunteers willing to go through the bins sorting out the waste. (If you do fancy doing this, please get in touch).

Thank you for all your support through 2019, I look forward to seeing you all again in 2020 and on behalf of the club and the committee wish you a very Happy Christmas. If you have any questions or queries regarding the club (except tennis balls) please do get in touch.

Cheers, Chris. [email protected], 07796267505