News - June 2019

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. The sun is out, the club is busy, the teams are winning (sometimes) and Wimbledon starts Monday. What's not to like? 

I'd like to thank everyone for their best wishes regarding my marriage. They are much appreciated!

FInals Day 

Club finals day is on July 20th and play starts at 1.30pm with the men's and ladies singles folowed by the doubles and concluding with the mixed. If you would like a ticket for the social event they are only £6 per person and that includes pizza, garlic bread, salads and puddings. Contact Camala for tickets - 07910778880. Please support our social events - they are a vital part of club life and raises much needed funds that help keep the club moving forwards.


We have made enquiries and got prices for the replacement of courts 4 and 5 plus the repair of the bottom courts which we hope will eradicate or at least minimize the uneven surface. If we go ahead the work is likely to take place in  the spring of next year. Over the past couple of years we've encouraged members to not use court 4 as much but as it's likely to be replaced soon then please wear it out as much as you can!

Former Roundhay player at Wimbledon

If you watch Wimbledon you may be interested to know that one of our former players, Luke Johnson has been granted a wildcard into the men's doubles at this years' championships. Luke carried me through a few matches when he was with our club and I was slightly disappointed not to be asked to partner him again. Good luck to Luke and if you are attending Wimbledon this year I'm sure he would appreciate some local support.

Is this your racket?!

As many of you will know I provide a restringing service. ( One of my customers messaged me to say he was leaving his racket in the clubhouse for me to do. So, I picked up the racket, restrung it and returned it....except it wasn't my customer it was somebody elses! If it is yours could you get in touch please?!

Thanks for all your support, let's hope the sun keeps shining! 

Any questions please do get in touch (unless it's about tennis balls)

Cheers, Chris, 07796267505, [email protected]