News - August 2019

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Hi everyone, I hope you are well. Unfortunately due to work commitments I've barely been at the club over the last month or so but I hope I'll be able to make it on court a bit more now. I've certainly missed playing!


Unfortunately there have been a couple of incidents at the club recently. Firstly, one of our members' bikes was stolen from the side of the court whilst all the courts were full. Incidents like this are very upsetting and stressful but unfortunately there will always be people out there who will steal things. For those of you who come to the club on your bike I strongly suggest you invest in a good lock and use it when you store your bike (preferably in our new bike rack).

Secondly, a very annoying occurence happened last Saturday when the clubhouse was left unlocked with the lights on and the gate open. We are currently reviewing the procedure for giving keys to members and looking at options as to how we can improve security. This latest incident will cost the club both in terms of time organising a new system and money implementing a new system. Please remember if you are the last people to leave the club you lock all the gates and the clubhouse. If you don't have a key then please make sure you aren't the last one to leave - simple.  The club is our second home and you wouldn't leave your house unlocked so please don't leave the club like that.

Handicap Finals Day

This is next Sunday afternoon - there will be refreshments available and if you want to have chilli and rice for only £5, please contact Camala.

Thanks for all your support, cheers, Chris