News - May 2019

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Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I'd like to start this newsletter with some personal news if you don't mind - I'm very pleased to announce that Lily and I got married over the Easter period in an extremely private ceremony.  There's really no need to ask me lots of questions and I'm sure you'll all meet Lily in due course. 

As a result of this I informed the rest of the committee that this is highly likely to be my last year as President.  I firmly believe there are several candidates who are more than capable of stepping into my shoes and progressing the club further and I know the future of the club will be in safe hands.


Thanks to everyone who's paid their membership fees for the forthcoming year using the Clubspark system. If you didn't use the Clubspark system then we're slightly less thankful but nevertheless grateful that you've signed up but please be aware we cannot accept payments in any other way than via Clubspark in the future. If you still haven't paid and are continuing to use the club then please either pay up or contact Lauren for more information - [email protected] If you were a member previously and don't want to join this year, then again if you could let us know.

Tournament Draw

Thanks to everyone who's entered the tournament. The draw is now on display so get your matches organised. Just a couple of important points to make when it comes to arranging matches - It's up to YOU to contact your opponent. Don't wait for the other person to make the first move or it'll never get arranged. Also, please be considerate to club nights and social sessions - arranging matches at peak times during the week or playing a men's doubles match on ladies night (or vice versa) will never make you popular so please try and avoid doing this if possible.

More coaching options than ever before!

Congratulations to one of our coaches Amy who is now a level 3 coach. I've had lots of positive feedback from members regarding the new coaching programme and we really do have more coaching opportunies than ever before at the club. If you haven't already why not get involved? See the website for more information about what's on offer.

Club Wifi

This may be temporarily disabled due to an operational problem - we'll try and get back online asap.

Thanks for reading and for your unrelenting support of the committee and the club. I have played here pretty much all my life and I never get bored of coming here and playing tennis and seeing other people play and enjoy tennis. I know there are many of you who feel the same way, so although no one knows what the future holds I'm certain the club will continue to thrive.

We'll see if marriage  changes me but I still won't discuss tennis balls.

Thanks, Chris.

[email protected] or 07796267505