Additional Rules during Covid-19 Lockdown Updated May 2020

Royston Tennis Club is introducing a few new rules to support our Members playing tennis during the current Covid-19 crisis. These rules are in line with LTA Guidance and are in place to allow all Members to play tennis as safely as possible.

Any Member found to be not following these new rules will have their membership suspended.

  1. Courts can only be booked by Members who have paid their membership fee.
  2. Courts can only be used if a Member has booked the court online before arriving at the courts.
  3. Courts will be available for Members to use between the hours of 8am and 9pm only.
  4. The maximum booking time per session is restricted to 2 hours and no Member may book a court for more than 3 sessions per week. This will be reviewed regularly to ensure fair access to the courts for all Members.
  5. Players should arrive on time for their booked court – not any earlier.
  6. The nets on all courts have been set to the correct height and the winders have been removed – these is no need to adjust the net.
  7. Players should wait for the previous players to leave the court before entering the court. (There is no longer a requirement for a “guard time” between bookings).
  8. All Members are required to follow the LTA Guidelines for Tennis Players (
  9. If you are the last person at the courts, please lock the gates when you leave. The courts should never be left unlocked.


Please be considerate to all Members by following these rules – they are in place to help ensure fair and safe access to the courts for all Members. Whilst Royston Tennis Club has made every effort to put in place measures to protect our Members, it is up to individual Members to take responsibility for their own safety and follow Government Advice on Social Distancing.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or want to report any issues at the Courts, please email Kate at [email protected]