2022 Club Tournaments and Events

We also noted in the last communication that the Club would be holding some of the Club Tournaments again this year.  We have summarised the Club tournaments below along with the organisers contact details. If you would still like to take part, please contact the organisers as soon as possible as we would like to get each of the tournaments up and running.  


Ladies Singles : Pam Green : [email protected] 

Ladies Doubles : Sue Birchall : [email protected] (players can select partners);

Mens Singles : Paul Wood : [email protected]

Mens Doubles : Paul Wood : [email protected] (players can select partners);

Mixed Doubles : Sue Birchall : [email protected] (held on one day with partners drawn on the day);

Junior Events : Tom Dyball : [email protected] (all events played on Finals Day);

Parent and Child : Tom Dyball : [email protected] (knock out rounds and then final on Finals Day);


Those expressing interest will receive details of the tournament formats and timescales for matches.

Please remember that Finals Day will be on Sunday 12 Sept ( with a reserve day of Sunday 19 Sept in case of poor weather). You need to be able to play on this day if entering the tournaments.

There will be a small entry fee of £3.00 per event per person. This contributes to the cost of match balls and the engraving of trophies (payable online to the STC Account).