Club reopens under interim guidelines - updated 1st June

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UPDATED 01/06/20

Following the Government's latest revised guidelines, the club has now reopened for both singles and doubles play, under specific conditions. This guidance is under regular review and may be revised further. Please also read the LTA's Guidance for Players.  

1) If you have not yet re-joined, you must please pay your membership, preferably online, before playing. Please contact Dave Wraith (Membership Sec) for the rates, or let him know at when you have paid. 

2) If you are not re-joining at all, or planning to re-join later in the year, please let Dave know anyway if you haven't already at so he doesn't need to contact people unnecessarily.

3) There will still be no club sessions so you will need to arrange your opponent or your group of 4 in advance. Please resist the temptation to have "informal" club sessions. There should be little or no socialising between or after games. In the event that all six courts are in use, please use your common sense and allow anyone waiting to play to come on court if you've been playing for an hour or more. 

4) In the absence of club sessions, if any member needs any help contacting other people to play with or against, please do not hesitate to get in touch at and the committee will be more than pleased to facilitate that.

5) The latest LTA advice does not cover "club sessions" which are a very important part of our club life. We will be seeking clarification from the LTA and things may also become clearer at the beginning of July when the government is planning the next phase of lifting restrictions. All being well, we hope to reinstate club sessions in the not too distant future.

6) The LTA now advises that it is no longer necessary to only use your own tennis balls. Therefore the usual boxes of 12 club balls will be available for both astro and hard courts. However, if you and your playing partner(s) do not wish to use the box of club balls, please contact Dennis or Sandra Rose to request your own tube of 4 for an excellent value £5 which you can put an identifying mark on. Please pay online at the usual account or cash in the door with a note with your name. Otherwise, you can of course purchase your own balls. Whatever tennis balls you are using, please wash your hands with hot water and soap (or use our own hand sanitizer) before and after each game to minimise the risk of infection.

7) Those members who have finished with their own tube of balls are invited to return them to the bench in the clubhouse for recycling please.

8) Junior members may play but must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

9) There will still be no Saturday Rusty Racquets for the time being.

10) Coaching: Individual coaching will continue with Jen Rose (L2), Kevin Davis (L4), Cristina Sanz (L3) and the returning Dave Taylor (L3). If you need help getting in touch with any coach, please email 

11) Group coaching for both adults and juniors can also now return with a maximum of 5 + 1 coach per group. The previous Weekly Coaching Programme is temporarily suspended whilst the pandemic situation remains fluid. Group lessons will be whatever can be worked out between the team of 4 coaches and those members requesting coaching, with days and times agreeable to all wherever possible. Please contact in the first instance if you're interested in group coaching and Jen will endeavour to co-ordinate requests.

12) As with immediately before the lockdown, the clubhouse remains strictly out of bounds except as outlined below. 

13) Entry to the clubhouse is only to collect or return balls, switch floodlights on and off and for washing hands at the kitchen sink which is highly encouraged on arrival, departure and in between sets if you come off court. Please bring your own towel to dry your hands.

14) The toilets remain out of bounds, please, except in an emergency so please try to 'plan accordingly'. If you absolutely must use the toilet, please wash your hands before and after to eliminate any possible cross contamination of surfaces, door handles etc. Please leave the toilet as you would hope to find it, and use the disinfectant spray and a wipe from just inside the clubhouse door to make sure the toilet area is left spick and span.  

15) If you need a chair for a short period of time or refreshments do not get one from the clubhouse. Please bring your own and do not expect to use or borrow someone else's.

16) Maintain a 2 metre distance from other people at all times.

17) You may play with a visitor if you wish - please come prepared to put the £5 visitor fee in the box in the door. There will be no change available. Alternatively, pay online into the club account in advance with your name and "visitor" as a reference. Please ensure your guest does all the right things. We are not permitting unaccompanied visitors at the moment.

18) Compared with many other sports, we are very fortunate to be back on court and now playing doubles too. Hopefully this will continue to go smoothly - please be considerate and respectful to other club members at all times and remember to use common sense. If changes need to be made, we will make them.

We look forward to seeing both new and  returning members back on the court soon.