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Discover how I can help you reach your tennis goals in 90 days


Have you tried to compete before and failed to make any progress? Or never tried but too confused where to start?

The '90 days tennis challenge'  I put together will help you learn techniques that can turn people who don’t know how to win into highly competitive players in UNDER 3 months...

If you are taking (or thinking of taking) ANY tennis lessons to beat THAT player who keeps on beating you (even knowing you are better), to become the club's champion or to improve your rating then you MUST watch this video before it’s taken down

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Right now, there are competitors in your club who are:

Training more than you...  

Being coached more than you...  

Enjoying more wins than you...  

And most of the time, it's not even because they are better players.  No, the reason is simply because they are more consistent or fitter than you, and are therefore able to win more matches while everyone else gets frustrated.  

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Sebastien Scaux - Founder of "90 days tennis challenge"


About Me

" I love coaching and helping players that are commited to step up their game. After working with thousands of players just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated and feeling like a failure when it comes to winning matches and reaching the next level .  

Together, on this one of a kind training we will work together to finally solve this and give you "90 days" to ensure you get more confidence in your game knowing you have a solid technique.  

I cannot wait to see you on court and show you this system to ensure you start reaching your goals".

— Sebastien Scaux



Founder and Chair of 10is Academy, Sebastien Scaux is a very influential coach in tennis. Nicknamed “Seb”, he is the gold standard in Cambridgeshire. After a successful start to his career coaching a number of high-level players, he decided to focus on ambitious club players of all ages.



Seb is currently being coached by Louis Cayer (current coach of Jamie Murray and Team GB Davis Cup doubles).

If you are serious about improving and have goals such as joining the LTA team at your club, moving to the team above yours (i.e. moving up from the 2nd team to the 1st team), winning the club championship, etc... then one-to-one lessons are a must. Regular one-to-one lessons will help you improve so much faster that other players will find it difficult to keep up with your improvement.

Thinking about taking one-to-one classes? This list of advantages and disadvantages might be useful to think about, when making the decision. It's also useful to be aware of the disadvantages, so you can think about how to tackle them, for better lessons.


  • You will see significant improvements in a shorter space of time,
  • You will have the constant attention of the coach, its entire EXCLUSIVITY,
  • You can decide the content of the lesson,
  • Your strengths and weaknesses are addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of other players for the coach's attention,
  • Fewer time constraints. Unlike group classes, one-to-one lessons are taken when suitable to you (and your coach),
  • The coach will adapt the language used and the teaching methodology to your needs.


  • Cost,
  • Because most one-to-one sessions are not pre-planned by the coach, you will easily waste some time explaining what you expect from the lesson,
  • It can be difficult to measure progress without other players to compare with and the possible lack of a pre-planned session,
  • The lesson format can become monotonous if a teacher lacks the confidence to experiment with change of pace and type of activity. They might assume a student would not be open to activities such as strength & conditioning, footwork, etc...
  • There is a potential for exhaustion, as there can be a constant interaction between the coach and the player (generally applies to younger players).



A One-to-One session is the best coaching method available to help you improve as it is personalised to meet your needs and training with Seb means training with an Award-winning coach. You will be trained following a world class system based on Tony Nadal methodology (trainer of Rafael Nadal) and Louis Cayer Expertise (Trainer of Jamie Murray and 10 other world number 1).

You will receive one of the best coaching experiences that money can buy!



Unlike group lessons, one-to-one lessons, in most cases, are not pre-planned by the coach (unless you are booked onto one of Seb's special one-to-one packages). Therefore you might be wasting some precious time and a lot of money. 

In today’s tennis market, a private tennis lesson might cost up to £250 per hour (hourly rate for Louis Cayer - Jamie Murray's coach) but generally between £25 to £100 per hour depending on the qualification (LTA level 3 being the minimum LTA requirement for one-to-one coaching), experience, knowledge and location of a coach (i.e. a good LTA level 3 coach in Chelsea can easily charge £90 per hour but would only charge £25 in Helmsdale (North of Scotland)).

By following these simple steps you could easily gain 15 minutes per session. That is £12.50 worth of extra learning for a lesson at £50 per hour.

Research: Before chosing a coach, do some research.

  1. Is the coach LTA qualified? If yes, then you know he/she is trained to coach tennis, DBS checked and insured.
  2. Is the coach at least LTA Level 3? Level 3 is the minimum LTA entry for one-to-one coaching (Level 1 & 2 are Coach Assistants only with a basic technical knowledge and are not insured by the LTA for one-to-one lessons).
  3. Has the coach got a website? Very often coaches will have their own website where they can give more information on their experience, extra qualifications and courses attended (i.e. Strength & conditioning, time spent with international level coaches, etc...), philosophy, and many more. Not all Level 3 coaches are equal, hence the importance of learning more before chosing your coach.

Arrive early: Warmup at least 15 minutes before your lesson. It will help you to be physically and mentally ready. You can also use that time to observe part of the lesson before yours to see how the coach presents information and what is expected of the student. 

Have a plan: Tell the coach what you would like to improve most. Make sure the coach knows what your expectations are of the lesson. Don't forget to be precise. For example instead of telling your coach "I would like to work on my forehand" consider telling your coach "I would like to work on my defensive forehand when running out wide".

Be open to suggestions: Ask the coach what they believe would benefit your game or advance your level of play.

Write it down: Once the lesson is over it's easy to forget what you have just learnt. Writing down what you learned from the lesson helps you to remember by solidifying information or concepts.

Film your lesson: Seeing yourself in action is a huge learning experience. You could even share your video with your coach to create a database of your improvements.

Share a lesson: Each of you will recall different parts of the lesson. When you practice together, help each other by recalling the key tips and remembering what drills were used to practice. 



THE MASTER PACKAGE: for the extremely serious players

What you get:

  • 36 hours of one-to-one coaching over the school terms. This means one session every week during the school terms.
  • 1 Profiling: this allows Seb to work in a more efficient way to deliver the session (worth £60).
  • 1 Tennis competition notebook: for the players to keep score and notes of their friendly or official matches (worth £11.99).
  • 3 thirty minutes phone call  (1 per school term) to analyse your progress in depth (Worth £75).
  • 100% off discount on the ball machine rental (worth £250)







- “I enjoy playing tennis with Seb because he helps me improve while having lots of fun.” - Tia (Child player) 

- “Erin has enjoyed taking the tennis lessons from the very start, always looking forward to the next! The patience and encouragement Seb has made it fun and challenging for her and has given her the confidence to believe in herself much more! This has given her a positive and mature approach and is not afraid to take on new challenges outside of tennis too! Keep up the good work!” - Frances (Parent of a Junior player)

"I am loving learning to play this addictive game with 10is Academy, Seb is an excellent coach, patient, encouraging but constantly challenging me to help improve my game. His passion for tennis is infectious. The sessions are a lot of fun, wonderfully sociable and have helped my fitness level improve dramatically over the past 20 months.” Tanya Saunders (Adult player)

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One-to-One sessions are the fastest coaching method to improve as they are personalised to your need. Pay monthly offers are available.

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