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Exclusivity: your path to success

There is an great range of membership programs to suit the needs of everyone. Most importantly, we welcome everyone at our centres and clubs. If you are just starting out or keen to get back into the sport you love, Tennis World has a membership for you.

Training with Sebastien means training with an Award winning coach. You will receive one of the best coaching experiences that money can buy. In group sessions you get Seb's attention but in a private session you will have Seb's EXCLUSIVITY

There are 2 options from which to choose from:

 Created to be flexible (maximum 6 weeks) each course will help you focus on one aspect of the game only. A compulsory 6 weeks course will help you understand the importance of adapatability and then you can chose to take any of the other courses (or all of them) in any particular order.

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One-to-One packages are the fastest coaching method in which to improve your tennis as each lesson is personalised to your needs. You can also benefit from amazing discounts on the usage of our ball machines (up to 100% off), termly time slots to discuss in further details your improvements and a "Tennis competition" notebook. This is a massive £876.99 saved on our "MASTER" package.

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