Next Events

Links for all these events will be available here soon:

  • Saturday 23rd March 1pm start- Cambridge Gardens 14Under Mixed Matchplay event
  • Sunday 7th April 10am start- Palewell Common Red 8Under matchplay event
  • Sunday 14th April 9am Start- Westerly Ware Orange 9Under Mixed matchplay event
  • Sunday 14th April 2pm start- Sheen Common 12Under Mixed matchplay event
  • Saturday 27th April 1pm start- Cambridge Gardens Family Quorn Cup
  • Saturday 4th May 1pm start- Palewell Common 12Under Mixed Matchplay event
  • Sunday 5th May 1pm start- Sheen Common 14Under Road To Wimbledon event. Open to 14Under boys only.
  • Saturday 25th May 2pm start- Cambridge Gardens Mixed 14Under Road To Wimbledon Event
  • Sunday 2nd June 10am start- Sheen Common Red Mixed 8Under Matchplay event
  • Sunday 23rd June 10am Start- Cambridge Gardens Green 10Under Mixed Matchplay event