Mission Statement

We tailor our coaching specifically to different aspects of our players’ personal and professional development. For us, the education of young tennis players is very important; both on and off the court. We believe that the constant practice of tennis helps not only our physical but also mental health.

Tennis teaches us how to share, accept rules, gain discipline and learn to win. Just as importantly, it also teaches us how to lose with grace and learn from it; becoming stronger and taking positivity from all situations. All of these things are crucial for young peoples’ personal development and critical for good self-esteem and emotional control.

At the Smash Tennis Academy, we like to maximize the social aspects of playing tennis; such as creating new friendships and other integration aspects. We encourage parents to play tennis with their children so that they can learn with them and better understand their emotions. This helps the children to feel reinforced and gain confidence.

Above all we encourage a positive hard working environment for all; both adults and children.