2018 Memberships

2018 Memberships


Summer Outdoor Tennis Membership 3 months for £30! Sign up with your family and enjoy unlimited free use of our Outdoor courts! Perfect for these sunny days!


The following membership rates apply until 31st December 2018.   

Annual subscriptions - These run from January to December, and a pro-rata rate will be charged for new members throughtout the year.


  • Adult - £230 (excludes club sessions)

  • Club session Supplement - £130 - this allows unlimited attendance to all club sessions

  • U24 - £150 (annually)  (50% discount with Adult Member)

  • U18 - £70 (annually) (80% discount for U18 with Adult Member)

  • U11 - £40 (annually) (80% discount for U11 with Adult Member)


Outdoor Family Membership - £60 (annually) - why not sign up as a family and have unlimited free use of our outdoor courts? Outdoor membership runs as 12 months from the date of joining.

Subscription can also be paid by monthly direct debit (additonal fee of £1 per month for direct debit payments, direct debit option is subject to 12 month committment).

Full terms and conditions can be obtained from the club.