South Hampstead Club Limited - Tennis Section - Rules

1.  The name of the Section shall be the South Hampstead Club Ltd., Tennis Section
2.  The laws of the game shall be those adopted for the time being by the Lawn Tennis Association and the Club shall be affiliated to the Middlesex Lawn Tennis Association
3.  The Club shall consist of Playing and Associate Members.  Members of opposing Clubs participating in matches on the ground shall be deemed Social Members for the day of the match

4.  COMMITTEE:  The general control and management of the Section shall be vested in a Committee not exceeding twelve persons of whom there shall be a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and such other named posts as the Committee shall from time to time determine who shall share amongst them all matters and duties necessary to the running of the Club

The management of each Team shall be vested in a Captain, the office of which shall not necessarily serve on the Committee, but shall be answerable to it

The Committee shall have the power to appoint members to form a sub-committee for any purpose they deem necessary and to delegate such of their authority to this sub-committee as they consider necessary for its functioning.  Six members shall form a quorum at a committee meeting and seven days notice of a meeting shall be given by the Secretary to each Committee Member.  The Committee shall direct that all monies for the benefit of the members, subscribed or collected through the efforts of the members or by way of donation, shall be paid into a banking account [for building society account] in the name of South Hampstead Club Ltd., Tennis Section and operated by any two of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for the purpose of making all necessary disbursements on behalf of the Section

5. Any vacancy on the Committee occurring during the year shall be filled by the Committee
6. SUPPLY OF BALLS:  Tennis Balls shall be supplied by the Club between 1st April and 30th September. 
7.  ELECTION OF MEMBERS:  Every candidate for membership must fill in the Club nomination form, undergo a test game [excluding the Junior Section] and be elected by the Management Committee, under Rule 4. Which shall also have the power at any time to terminate the membership of any person not complying with the rules of the Club and Section or who shall act contrary to the general wishes of the Club and Section
8.  Immediately upon the election of a candidate to membership, notice thereof shall be given to him/her and his/her attention shall be drawn to a copy of the Club and Section rules displayed in the tennis pavilion and he/she be requested to remit within seven days from the date of such a request the amount of his or her entrance fee and first subscription.  Upon payment of his/her entrance fee and subscription the candidate shall become a member of the Section and his/her name shall be entered in a register of members kept in the tennis pavilion.  If such entrance fee and subscription be not paid within seven days of such request as aforesaid, the election of such member shall be void unless he/she shall satisfy the Committee that the delay in payment was due to absence or other sufficient cause
9. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Subscriptions for members of the Section shall be as follows:-Subscriptions are due from 1st April and all ages to be taken as 1st April in each year.
The Committee shall be empowered to fix subscription rates for all types of membership other than those listed previously or to levy such other charges as from time to time may be necessary.

A surcharge of 10% of the relevant subscription will be payable on any subscription not received by 30th April.

Membership will automatically lapse if subscription is not paid by 15th May and the facilities and amenities of the Club will be withdrawn.  No members will be eligible to play in any competition or club tournament unless their subscription is paid

Associate Members are ex-playing members of more than ten years standing or at the discretion of the Committee, members elected to Associate Membership for services rendered to the section.

10.  GENERAL:  The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than 14th March.  Fourteen days notice shall be given to members, together with the Agenda of Business to be conducted at the Meeting.  The business of the Meeting shall include:
a]  To elect the Committee [see Rule 4] and an Honorary Sectional Auditor.  The Committee shall retire annually but are eligible for re-election.  Any member proposing a person for office who cannot attend the AGM must produce in writing evidence of that person’s willingness to stand, if duly elected
b]  To receive from the Hon. Treasurer a report on the audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the preceding year.  The Balance Sheet and Accounts shall be made up to 31st December immediately preceding the date of the Meeting and shall be approved by the Committee before presentation to the members

All propositions at General Meetings shall be settled by a show of hands or by ballot, as decided at the Meeting by those present and eligible to vote, with a Casting Vote to the Chairman.  All Full Playing and Associate Members shall be entitled to one vote on every motion.  Members of the Junior Section shall not be entitled to vote.

A Special General Meeting of the Section may be called by the Committee at any time, or by the Secretary on receiving a written requisition signed by at least ten members and called within twenty one days of the receipt thereof.  In each case at least seven days notice of the date of same must be given by the Secretary and the business to be transacted must be stated

The quorum at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings shall be 15 members

11.  These rules cannot be altered except at a General Meeting of the Section and notice of the proposed alteration must be sent to the Secretary in writing by 31st December for the Annual General Meeting of the Section or with the requisition for a Special General Meeting.  No alteration will be valid unless it is carried by a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote.  If the alteration is agreed upon it can only become effective if it is subsequently sanctioned by the Club Management Committee as laid down in Club Rule 14
Junior Playing Times as displayed at the Club will be at the discretion of the Committee
13.  No visitor will be allowed to play more than three times on a Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday or any evening in a Season except at the discretion of the Committee.  It is the introducing member’s responsibility to ensure that their visitor fee is paid before play commences and that the visitors’ book is signed by both visitor and member.  Club members will take preference over visitors at all times
14. A copy of the rules will be displayed in the pavilion and every member will be bound by them and submit to them
15.  The decision with regard to the fitness of the courts for play shall be made by the Chairman or, if not available, by any two other members of the Committee
A tie-breaker may be played at 6-6
b) On completion of a set, players shall vacate the court and replace the full issue of balls in the receptacle provided
c)  Singles shall not be played when all courts are in use and other members are waiting.  A made-up four has priority over singles play on any court
d) Flat-soled tennis shoes must be worn on the courts and all other clothing must be recognised tennis strip at the discretion of the Committee
e)  After a set has been completed players must not stay on court and play or arrange a further set but must leave the court and check to see whether there are members who are waiting and wish to play
f) All members will be required at all times to wear shoe tags which will be issued on payment of subscription
g) After a set has been completed players must not stay on court and play or arrange a further set but must leave the court and check to see whether there are members who are waiting and wish to play